Courage to Fly Interview with Brave Girls: Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins

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In 2009 Melody and Kathy founded The Brave Girls Club.  If you are wondering what Brave Girls Club IS….it’s a community for women everywhere who want to do big things with their lives, who want to overcome difficult things, and who believe in doing all of this with love and kindness and as joyfully as possible.

Melody Ross – artist, writer, seeker.  From very humble beginnings, Melody Ross has come to be one of the most well-known names in the art and design community. From her original company, Chatterbox, to her current endeavors with Brave Girls Club, Melody has always been known for her unique, soulful art; her positivity in the face of adversity; her hard-earned wisdom; and her loving, free spirit.

Kathy is married to Kurt and together they have 8 children and 11 grandchildren (and counting!)  Kathy is a phenomenal musician and has a brilliant analytical mind. Her artfully crafted food will blow your mind and her skill of unconditional love and acceptance is a gift to the world.


I must say that I have been receiving The Brave Girls Club Daily Truths for a couple of years now and it amazes me how so many times it absolutely speaks right to my heart and what I am feeling or doubting or needing in my life.  I know the work of these amazing ladies is truly inspired and changing lives.


This is a seriously life-changing interview… get ready for some powerful action steps and all around powerful insights to help you be the brave girl (or guy) that you are deep inside… it is all about having the courage to live your most authentic, brave life.



Get out your pen and paper to take notes… you will gain so much from this interview!


Their tweetable: “We aren’t brave then we act brave, we act brave then we are brave.” ~ Brave Girls Club


Their courage definition is: “Doing difficult things as joyfully as possible.”


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Chantelle Adams is a highly sought after motivational speaker (delivering over 150 presentations a year), author, courage igniter and passionate do-gooder. Her mission is to teach our future leaders (aka our kids) to be confident, courageous and compassionate while giving the rest of us (aka the adults) tools to soar and live our most courageous lives. Chantelle has started The Courage Revolution and is on a mission to face all of her fears and help others do the same.