Raised $10,000 towards the $10,000 target. I am Chantelle and I’m jumping out of an Airplane from 10,000ft to raise $10.000 for a cause that I truly believe in: education.

My goal is to build a school in Nicaragua that will provide more than 1000 kids with education over the next 20 years.

Wonder why?

Back in June 2011 I gave each of my four kids 2 Dollars. I challenged them to use their creativity and talents to turn that $2 into more money to give to a charity. They decided they wanted to build a school for kids, just like them, in Kenya Africa.

Within only 1 year my kids aged 9, 7, 4 and 4 raised a phenomenal $11,000 to build a school in Africa!

They used their talents, creativity and innovation to soar higher than any of us could have ever imagined! And at the same time they were giving children in Africa the chance to soar too – through the power of education!


Now we want to give this chance to the kids in Nicaragua.

But this time it’s my turn to contribute.


So, why am I jumping out of a plane?

A dear friend of mine passed away from breast cancer much too soon. Seeing her die with countless regrets and many dreams still left to fulfill made me realize one thing:

I was NOT living the life I wanted to live.

My fear of failure, of being hurt, of looking silly and of what others think about me was keeping me stuck.

So I promised myself, that I wasn’t going to let fear dictate my life.

Instead I made a list of all my biggest fears and specific things I’ll do to conquer them! And one-by-one, I started to cross things off.

Here’s some of what I have done so far:

  • Ziplining over the rainforest (those cables could totally break!)
  • Riding a donkey along a tiny mountain trail. Believe me a donkey ride is no piece of cake… I dare you to try it!
  • Skiing for the first time ever at age 32! Hello fear of looking ridiculous! …doing pizza legs all the way down the mountain.
  • Starting my own speaking business and seeing it take off! Big fear of failure! Now I am grateful I took that leap of faith.
  • White water rafting. (they have you sign on the dotted line that you might die!)
  • Entering a Latin Dancing Competition. This was one I didn’t think could actually happen until I was invited to be a part of a charity event: Swinging With the Stars…. I danced the cha cha and helped raise over $240,000.00 for charity!


One of the biggest fears on my list is skydiving.

But on August 28th 2013 I will jump! Or maybe just end up being pushed… Either way, one thing is for certain: I’ll be falling 10,000ft to raise $10,000 for a school in Nicaragua.

But it’s not just about me jumping out of planes, hoping not to puke. It’s also not just about the school we will build and the lives we will change.

It’s also about you.

You have a big heart. Big dreams.

But something is keeping you stuck. Something holds you back from living the life YOU want to live.

And I know just what it is… it’s that nasty four letter word!



This project is the start of a Courage Revolution:

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The book as well as the entire project (website, editing, video – you name it) has been donated by beautiful, gifted and inspiring entrepreneurs who, like my four kids, are using their talents to change the world.

You too have the power to create positive change in your own life as well as the lives of others!

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